Early voting is over in Texas and Election Day is Tuesday. Thankfully, the campaign ads on radio, TV, and direct mail will come to an end. Sadly, before the week is over the 2020 Presidential Campaign will begin. Three possible outcomes on Tuesday, Republicans hold the House and Senate, split decision with Republicans holding the Senate and Dems taking the House, or Blue Wave and Dems take the House and Senate. I’m hoping for a Red Wave! But regardless of outcome, life goes on. Will a deeply divided nation come together? Does oil and water mix? We are divided over values, vision for the future, and political ideology…the key will be whether or not we can live civilly with those who strongly believe differently? Can we respect others’ views? Can we embrace our common humanity and work for things that make for peace? Regardless of whether we see a Red Wave, Blue Wave, or no wave, let’s create an environment that encourages passionate debate on issues, but recognizes the right to dissent, and protects the rights of all people to peacefully express and debate their opinions. We can have meaningful friendships and relationships with people who don’t embrace our opinions.

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